Updates #2

Hey guys, Daily here.

Here’s a brief update regarding our group and this site.

1. Nidome No Yuusha  is on hiatus.

We are currently looking for translators for this novel. We’ll take any experienced translators in, either as a temporary translator so we can atleast put up chapters for it, or a dedicated one for the long run. So if you’re interested, please contact me thru email or our discord chat. Links are in the About Us Section.

So don’t keep asking for when the next chapter will be put up as that will be indefinite until we find said translator.

As much as I want to work on this novel myself, I can’t allocate any time to do it, as it would take me a pretty long time to do a single chapter (around 8-12 hours).

Please apply ;-;

2. Jobless Oblige is also on hiatus.

Enzou has been too busy with RL, that’s just the life of a single parent. And Jobless Oblige and Nidome No Yuusha was Enzou’s project.

Since this was Enzou’s project, we can only wait for him to come back.

3. Evil God will be picked up by Stupid Turtle (HSM tler)

Since Lore (EG tler) is currently too busy with her RL, she hasn’t been able to translate at all. So yesterday I asked Stupid Turtle if he would mind doubling for EG until Lore comes back. But since Stupid Turtle is already working on HSM, don’t expect much. In fact, don’t expect much from this site at all. Kekeke.

4. We’ve hit a wall in Conquering Hero’s Heroines.

I believe I’ve mentioned before that this novel has been modified by the author. Some chapters were deleted, some bits were added and ultimately changed the story line but hardly impacted the plot. So I’ve been contemplating whether we should switch to translating the new raws instead of the old raws. But to decide on that, we have to know what’s the difference between the old raws and the new raws. So yeah, we need to do that before proceeding with the translation of this novel.

5. About the site itself.

I’ve made a bunch of changes to the site and how we present our content. So if you have any problems with it, we can talk about it below in the comment section, and if you’ve got any suggestions, also hit me up in the comments below.

Alright, that’ll be all for now.