Updates #1

Okay, some updates late into the day. There’s some good news, and a potentially good or bad news.

First the good news, we have already found the old raws, thanks to WillTell (thanks again dude!). but since the story was confirmed to be altered we held off on deciding if we’ll be using it or not. Why? Because there might be a few things that was changed that might impact the story later on, especially on the new chapters, though there were some skipped chapters, they were mostly fillers, but we might present them as bonus chapters (keyword ‘might’) after we have decided on what we’ll be doing, meaning after we read the new raws.

Another good news, Nidome no Yuusha is officially getting serialized! Omedetougozaimasu! So we may get illustrations finally!!! (totally was not the main thing I was excited for XD) So anyways, if the book does become available in your area/country, let us support the author and if you’re able to, purchase it. Take a picture and send it to me so I can send a letter to the author. Kek.

The release date for the debut release of Nidome no Yuusha will be at May 25th, 2016. While Conquering Hero’s Heroines will be by the end of April.

The other thing is, we have officially sent a letter to the authors of Nidome no Yuusha, and Conquering Hero’s Heroines, informing them of the translations of both novels and permission to grant translating it, as well as apologizing for the rudeness of translating it before the permission was granted.

We pray, and WE PRAY TO THE GODS (loli gods) that the authors wont receive the letters badly and reject us, especially because they are both getting serialized and might see it as a bad thing. We are translating this out of appreciation and love for the novel, spreading the word to the English readers, and so, if the authors deem it unnecessary and/or don’t want it, we can no longer continue and just look for other novels to translate. Some of you might say “you could’ve just stayed silent and continue translating” but we thought it was the right thing to do as we partly represent and is responsible to the translating community. Basically, we didn’t want authors thinking “all those translators are morally ambiguous bastards so we should never condone them” and they’ll have some misconceptions. I hope I’m making some sense here and not just talking out of my ass.

NnY serialization announcement and release date –
Conquering Hero’s Heroines serialization announcement –
Conquering Hero’s Heroines debut release –
I could very well translate these, but they’re easy to understand with google translate, so just use that. 😛

PS. I will provide the links for online purchase when I acquire them, I’ll post them in another update later. And please do the same for Conquering Hero’s Heroines. It would mean a lot to us if we can show appreciation and support to the authors by knowing that they received some support because of us. 🙂

Notice how the CHH author refers to CHH as “I’m a young master of nobility”? YEAH IT’S TOO LATE, JUST TOO LATE.