Site changes and updates

Hi everyone! Daily here.

Well then, where should I start?

To start with, I think I owe you guys an apology for disappearing for such a long time.

So what have I been doing?

Well a year ago, I tried to pick up a few projects with some of my friends such as NEHA with HnM_Peter and Michelin Star with a handful of korean tlers, but ultimately had to abandon it due to the lack of know-how, collaboration and time for it.

NEHA was something my friend HnM_Peter requested that I pickup, and I was a bit hesitant to translate it at first since I wasn’t that familiar with early modern history. Peter said he’ll help me with the history part, and he was kind of a history buff (LOL) so I still picked it up. It was very niche and refreshing at first, and I was intrigued translating it since I was sorta interested with history too, although it was also frustrating and confusing at times. Unfortunately, I got extremely busy and Peter went poof along the way. He’s back now, but he’s busier than ever, so it’s probably unlikely that we pick it back up any time soon.

About Michelin Star, funny story. While I was too preoccupied to translate, I did have time to unwind by reading a bunch of mangas and webtoons. 😛
I was on a hot streak catching up to Shokugeki no Souma and reading a bunch of cooking mangas and webtoons. I wound up with Michelin Star and was sorta annoyed that it stopped where it did. I’ve had my history with cleaning/redrawing a webtoon before (Legendary Moonlight Sculptor 4koma), so I felt sorta confident with cleaning/redrawing it and tried to gather up a bunch of people for the rest of the work. I ended up with a bunch of translators but none for the other departments, such as redrawing for the more complex images and typesetting. Well, after 3 chapters, we just sorta gave up since it proved to be too much of an ordeal being inexperienced and all about typesetting and redrawing.

You guys might not even believe it but I was planning to come back and translate a new title called “Upstart Alchemist” back in October 2018. But had to stop for a bit for personal reasons, and now we’re here. I might fire this one back up if you guys are curious enough. Hehe. What happened to Daily-dallying?

Well, about that, I’ll try to summarise as much as I can.
Domain expired back in Feb, came back to find out that my site name went premium and I would have to pay $100 to renew it, or it will be up for auction for a week. So I was like, ‘heck no f that’ and let it go to auction. Well, it being in auction apparently meant I wouldn’t be able to get it back anyway. So WHOOPS. I can’t have anymore. So I decided to rebrand and wallowed about it for some time thinking, ‘nooo dailydallying was perfect because it served as a perfect excuse for having such an irregular release schedule, sigh’ so I asked my friends around if they can come up with a better name than dailydallying. But they couldn’t, they’re useless, luckily the genius in me came up with Isekai, Summon Me! ( Kekekekekekeke.
For now, all my chapters that my group translated for all the novels we worked on is being hosted by Tony on scribblehub. So shout outs to Tony for the help. Thanks man.

What now? (Updates)

I have a good news and a bad news. Let’s start with the bad news. Along with the name change came problems. Right now, every chapter permalinks are broken and it’s proving to be difficult to have them all changed in one go and it’s looking like I will have to go through every chapter and change the permalinks one by one.

Meanwhile, the good news is that I’m currently working on a new novel! This novel has been pretty relaxing to translate thus far and it’s similar to CHH (Conquering Hero’s Heroines) in a way that the chapters are nice, short, and easy to translate. Although it is riddled with jargons, I don’t need to learn it as intensively like learning history for NEHA, that’s why it’s relaxing and a bit fun.

But without further ado, the new novel I will be working on is called ‘Railway Hero‘! And I will try my best to keep up with the translation for this novel, unlike the previous novels that I have worked on.

Anyway, I think that’s all for now, it would really fire me up if you guys let me know in the comments what you think of our new name and how excited are you for the new novel. See ya.