Nidome no Yuusha Chapter 20

Translated by: Deus Ex, Librarian, Psynkro

Edited by: FallenS0ul->Deads0ul

TLC by: Daily, Enzou Rakka, Psynkro


Damn it Frozen. Kekekekeke.

Huge thanks to Xant for helping me design the illustrations/images. 😉
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As always a fuckin bloodbath, from Translating stage to Formatting stage. A real fuckin bloodbath.

Oh well. But good news guys! We got a great addition to our team!
Please welcome Psynkro, the goddamned brit bastard!
FYI he pulled this chapter off in just about 3 days!
Although, NNY being the demon novel that it is, Psynkro lost his sanity partway and fucked up multiple lines. Kekeke.
So TL Checking and Editing phase dragged the process for about a week or so, and I had to switch my ISP thru that too.

Anyway, here’s chapter 20. Enjoy.

PS. We cussed the author approximately 70 times during the translation. And Chapter 21 is already in the editing stage.


Chapter 20 – The Hero had the dishes stolen by Minnalis