Nidome no Yuusha Chapter 16

Translated by: Deus Ex, Librarian, DasAuto

Edited by: Doom_Chicken, FallenS0ul

TLC by: Enzou, Daily


Holy shit. It’s finally here… Can you fuckin believe it?  This chapter took way too fuckin long… Ugh.

This was a pain to translate. Took us like 273 edits according to google doc ;-;

If anyone ever thinks that this shouldn’t be that hard to translate, take a moment to google translate this chapter and compare. And if you still think that it shouldn’t be that hard. I’d like to invite you to join us translate it. It would be a real fuckin pleasure.

Forgive my profanities as it just shows how much frustration this novel has caused me personally. Given the fact that I didn’t even do the hard work. That credit belongs to Deus Ex, Librarian, Das and Enzou. So if you could spare a moment to thank these four, please do 🙂

Special shoutouts to Doom_Chicken and FallenS0ul for the god-tier editing. 😉

The next chapter is actually comparatively short, so we’ll try to have that up by next week. But don’t hold that against me, I’ll cry. Anyway, here’s the chapter. Enjoy ;P


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