Translated by: Daily

Edited by: HnM_Peter

TLC by: Daily


Woot! Guess who’s making a come back! Hue, with a new novel too! Anyway, here’s Peter and I with a new novel which I will refer to as Notes Exchange History Alteration or NEHA for short. Title is fairly long as usual with our good ‘ol japanese novels, so you can check out the full title in the novel page. Just a brief introduction, this novel will be history-heavy with a tinge of comedy. Peter and I found it intriguing, fascinating, and seemed really fun to translate. And alas, it didn’t disappoint for me. A really good break from the usual Fantasy/VR/Isekai Tensei stories. Do check out the synopsis first and enjoy reading the first chapter as much as we had fun translating it!

See ya all guys in the comment section, I’d like to hear your thoughts :>


Novel Page Chapter 1