NEHA Chapter 4

Translated by: Daily, HnM_Peter

Edited by: HnM_Peter

TLC by: Daily




Hey guys! 4th chapter, Sorry for the week delay for this chapter since I got busy with something cough hearthstone cough but yeah chapter should be coming back.

Truth be told, I procrastinated on doing this chapter because of the degree in difficulty to translate this compared to the previous chapters. I avoided it so hard that Peter started translating in my stead. I’m so bad at conversational jap xD

Anyway, regarding the footnotes, I think the chapters does a good job explaining terms used in them, but I’ll keep links that explain them better in the footnotes just in case you guys wanna look into it more. But let me know if you want to keep the brief descriptions in the footnotes back.

Enjoy the chapter :3


Chapter 4