NEHA Chapter 2

Translated by: Daily

Edited by: HnM_Peter

TLC by: Daily



Woot! Here’s the second chapter of NEHA brought to you by yours truly and Peter! So I’ve decided to keep up with a weekly release if I can help it, since the chapters for NEHA will be relatively short. By the way guys, I wanted to ask you if we can hold it off a few chapters in until we start dropping some ratings and reviews for this novel 😀

And for the record, this novel has already been completed by the author and has a total of 154 chapters. It will also be published as a light novel, so if you do end up liking this novel, do consider buying the LNs to support the author! I personally will pinch in myself. Huehue.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say, enjoy the chapter :3


Chapter 2