Jobless Oblige

Author: Rifujinna Magonote (不尽な孫の手)

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Joburesu Oburiju


Zieghardt Saladin Greyrat. He is unemployed. From an early age, he wanted only to be an Ally-of-Justice. For that sake, he learned the way of the sword and became strong. However, when he left his hometown, he got a taste of reality, and abandoned his dream. He spent his days lethargically wasting away, until the day he met this one boy… This is the tale of how the unemployed boy found his way to becoming an Ally-of-Justice!

— A Spin-off Work of Mushoku Tensei.

Baka-tsuki – The only permission I give to them is a link to here, where it will be properly hosted. – Enzou


Table of Contents

Volume 1 – Calling On the Famous Moon Knight

Volume 2 – Judgment on the Evil Slave Market