Conquering Hero’s Heroines Chapter 46

Translated by: SeventhRealm

Edited by: Shozenn, Doom_Chicken

TLC by: Daily, BakaMatt


Shoutouts to BakaMatt, Estellion and Guro for helping me clear up some mistranslated lines because I’m incompetent af.

Here’s Ritone redeeming himself just to let us down again sooner or later. ROFL. Thankfully I’ve skimmed the raws a bit and found it great and read some spoilers. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to handle this roller-coaster ride of Ritone let-downs.

No worries, no rick-rolling this time. As long as you readers start reading these release posts. I would really appreciate it. Anyways, enjoy 😉


Chapter 46 – Reform