Conquering Hero’s Heroines Chapter 42

Translated by: SeventhRealm

Edited by: Shozenn, Doom_Chicken

TLC by: Daily


Aaaand we’re back! Just got back from my 1-week vacation. It’s kind of untimely actually, but anyway, a few things…

First off, I’ve been using every release post for updates… And since not all readers read every novel here, people don’t catch all the updates. So from now on, I’ll be putting updates on a separate post, and/or maybe put something on the sidebar. Your choice, leave a comment below.

Second, been doing some anti-theft coding before I left for vacation a week ago. Huge props to GM_Rusaku for hooking me with that up! It really just bugs me that other people has been free-riding on our hard work. I tested it on desktop and mobile, and it should work just fine. The only major change is that you can’t copy jackshit. Hue.

And lastly, huge thanks to Cody T. for dropping the 40 big ones on us! You da man. <3

Anyway, here’s chapter 42. 43 and 44 coming shortly after. Enjoy.


Chapter 42 – Party