Even though I’m just a young master from a noble family,
I need to conquer the hero’s heroines for the sake of world peace.

Author: Osawa Masanori 大沢 雅紀

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Kizoku no obotchan dakedo, sekaiheiwa no tameni yūsha no hiroin o ubaimasu


A man who was playing a game in Japan, dies of cardiac arrest. In the brink of death, he was requested a favor by the Goddess of the eroge he was playing 「After defeating The Great Demonic Lord, please save the world from the tyranny of the hero」 to save the world. With his knowledge of the current era, and his summoning arts, this is a story of a man who steals the heroines of the hero.

The villain reincarnates, tries his best on domestic affairs, research cheats, and capture the heroines.

※ No worries, this does not have 18 rating.*

Disclaimer: This novel isn’t netorare or netori, it’s just the usual fantasy/adventure stuff. So please, give it a read first before thinking anything about it.

*Any novel that gives you extreme feelings falls under the +18 category, so this is the author telling you that the novel won’t make you feel bad like NTR or the cheating tag would.

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