A group of procrastinators band together to create the ultimate doohickey called “novel translations” which are specifically-made just for you readers to enjoy.

SIKE! We’re just doing this for fun (and self-immolation).

Our vision here at Isekai Summon Me!, is to bring you a few of these great web novels to read on a regular schedule whenever possible, and to promote these amazing works by their original authors!

We respect all rights the authors retain on their works.

Fan Translations done by us have had their permission sought out by the author whenever possible, and if at any time these novels become serialized or released in any type of physical or digital media publication outside of the usual free avenues, we humbly request that you please consider purchasing their amazing works!

From all the staff here at Isekai Summon Me!, we thank you for visiting.

Contact Us/Recruitment

If you have any inquiries, questions, concerns or if you wanna join our amazing team as a translator, editor or etc…, you can contact me through our discord chat (